As a photographer, I have always been keen to capture a fleeting moment or a fascinating subject (whether alive or inanimate). If you enjoy some of my photos, most of the thanks is due to the subject.

For serious shooting, I use a combination of Hasselblad (501C), Pentax (6x7), and Minolta (Autocord and Maxxum 9) cameras. I absolutely love the color, saturation, and richness that I can get out of film, and do no post-processing. I tend to specialize in fine art floral and people scenes. For personal, urban, street, and travel photography, you'll find me with my Leica M3. For casual shooting, I love urban skate and skatepark settings.

When not doing anything photography related at all, I enjoy family, travel and road trips, reading "fake sh*t in space" (sci-fi) books, and trying to get out of doing the laundry.